Pronation & Flat Feet

Pronation and Flat Feet

When the foot pronates, the arch lowers. Pronation is a normal foot movement and is needed for normal foot function in walking and running. However, abnormal pronation has been linked to many lower limb injuries, and is considered to be the leading cause of overuse injuries in runners.  Recently research has linked pronated feet with lower back pain.

Foot Mechanics Podiatrists use an assessment known as a biomechanical assessment to identify normal from abnormal pronation during your gait cycle. If pronation is a factor in your injury, we will be able to identify it and treat it.


What does a pronated foot typically look like?



Normal arch shape, and flat foot?

Flat Arch

When the foot moves the ankle, shin, knee, hip and lower back move.

The Effects of Subtalar Pronation

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