Michael Hong

MH.jpgMichael Hong - BHSc (Podiatry)

Michael is a South Korean born podiatrist who immigrated to New Zealand in 2001. He completed his podiatry degree at the Auckland University of Technology in 2012 and started to work for Foot Mechanics straight after when he graduated. 

Michael joined Foot Mechanics Podiatry as a full time podiatrist in Rotorua clinic from January 2014 until when he decided to move out and work for Palmerston North Foot Mechanics Clinic from June 2016. 

He enjoys being a podiatrist under Foot Mechanics as every patient leave with smile after their lower limb issues have been treated by him and he gets rewarding feeling each time when he sees those from his patients. 

Michael does not have any specific interest in podiatry field as he is a full scope podiatrist and interested in all aspects of podiatry. His only interest in podiatry is offering the best treatment plan possible to all of his patients that suits their needs whether is simple as toenail treatment or complex sport injury. 

Outside of the clinic Michael spends most of his free time with his wife and son.




Thank you for choosing to see a Foot Mechanics Podiatrist. We have prepared this information to make you feel welcome at our clinic. Firstly we want you to know that your feet are in good hands. Podiatrists are registered health professionals and are the experts in lower limb health. You should feel free to ask questions at any stage during your visit to see us, we are here to help you.

A consultation with a Foot Mechanics Podiatrist will always start with a discussion with you. In medical terms we call this history taking and this helps them understand the background and context to the problem you want help with. Once they understand what you want help with, the Podiatrist will do an assessment. The assessment enables the Podiatrist to understand the medical background to your problem. The Podiatrist will then explain the findings to you, and you are welcome to ask any questions so that you understand.

The Podiatrist will explain the treatment plan to you and in most cases, treatment can start today. Again, ask any question you may have. Thanks again, and we look forward to helping you.