Creating Synergy
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Creating Synergy in Podiatry

Advantages of Franchising

Perhaps the biggest advantage of franchising is the reduction of risk you will be taking.  This is because franchises typically get up and running faster, and are profitable sooner.  Typically a Foot Mechanics clinic will produce revenue in the first year of operation in excess of $250,000.  This is a result of better management as well as a well-known name.

A recent report on New Zealand lifestyle choices confirmed that people buying services are preferring to buy from known brands.  A brand gives the promise of quality which reduces the risk of purchasing the service.

It is a well established fact that most small businesses fail because of weak management. It is in this area that the Foot Mechanics franchise option offers great value to Podiatrists. When you join the group, you instantly gain the managerial know-how of the franchise support team.  Our team includes people with a wide range of business, commerical and marketing expertise. 

Foot Mechanics franchisees enjoy improved profitability through supplier agreements.  These agreements range from pricing level, to speed of service, exclusivity and access to proprietary knowledge.  The purpose of these agreements is to improve your profit; the franchisor takes no commission or payment from suppliers preferring to pass all cost savings and other benefits directly to the franchisee.

The Benefits

In addition to the generic advantages of a franchise model, there are specific benefits that relate to Podiatrists.  These benefits include professional support, collegiality, protection from competition and resale value of your clinic to name a few.

If you’re interested in having these advantages and benefits for yourself through becoming a Foot Mechanics franchisee please make a time to talk with us.

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