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Why would a Podiatrist bother to refer a customer to a ZIERA retailer?

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Posted by john under Health

Foot Mechanics and thousands of other Podiatrists around the world have been referring to ZIERA retailers for years.  Most of us love the ZIERA product and we love how you sell it, but do you know why?

At ZIERA you are often dealing with “difficult feet” and you take extra time with each person to make sure they get what they need.

You “keep it simple”.  I have found that while you are working with Podiatrists regularly you don’t cross the line into using medical terminology with customers or trying to diagnosis their foot problems.  You fit shoes exceptionally and make great referrals to see a Podiatrist when you see the need.

We have history.  ZIERA was founded by two Podiatrists and we are proud that a couple of our fellow Podiatrists have done so well and created such a successful business.  Foot Mechanics and ZIERA share an ethos of fashion and foot health.  Whenever you have a commonality like that it is easy to get along and trust each other with the customers’ interests at heart.

We often receive great feedback from patients about how much they love their ZIERA shoes and seldom hear about any dissatisfaction.  As most of you will know people are more prepared to share their dissatisfactions than their satisfactions so the fact that we hear so much great feedback is a big statement about how good the ZIERA shoes really are.

The removable inlay is great for Podiatrists when we are introducing an orthotic therapy.  The summer sandal range with this feature which was introduced many years ago now continues to be one of the most significant improvements I have seen in my career in terms of being able to give patients a year round orthotic solution.

Its great to be able to provide customers with knowledge and treatment of foot problems along with a great looking and comfortable shoes.

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