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Are your feet the cause of your back pain?

Earlier this year I attended the Australasian Podiatry Council Conference in Sydney, Australia. New research was presented there which drew a connection between pronated feet and lower back pain in woman. (read the research here)

The easiest way to describe pronated feet is feet that roll inwards at the ankles.  A picture is worth a thousand words in these cases so see the picture on our page about pronation for what a typical pronated foot looks like.

If your feet look like this and you have lower back pain (but have never actually injured your back) then the good news is that consulting a podiatrist may well help you. 

A podiatrist will first look to establish that you do in fact have pronated foot function.  If this is the case the Podiatrist will be about to offer you orthotics to slip into your shoes.  Orthotics are great for changing foot function and may be the solution to your back pain.

Orthotics must be prescribed for you; over-the-counter orthotics/insoles are not likely to help.  There are many reasons why a foot might function pronated and your podiatrist will address the reason why your foot pronates through a prescription orthotic.  (Think optometrist with prescription lens for your glasses, you need to get the right prescription for your individual eyes).


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Posted by Sally Rowe on
I had lower back pain for years which was a real pain!!! There was no injury but just pain for no reason. My doctor suggested that my pain might be from my feet, but I felt a bit unsure about how that could be the case. Anyway I did read up about it and when I call a few podiatrists I thought it sounded a bit expensive and i wasn;t sure if they could really help. I live close to Hamilton and Foot Mechanics had a good website so I booked in with them and was really surprised! It wasn't cheap but man it has been worth it. back pain sucks. Its worth what i paid to be pain free. :-)
Posted by Van Walker on
My dad had back and hip pains for years. He retired early (in his late 50's) but is back and hip stopped him and mum from enjoying their early retirement. I found Foot Mechanics on google and booked dad in. It was enlightening and me dad is much better. He still gets some pains if he;s not wearing his orthotics for a few weeks (while his on the beach) but otherwise he's good. thanks Foot mechanics!
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