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"What amazed me the most out of that one visit was the removing of the tiniest obstacle from my little toe that caused so much discomfort could bring such instant relief"

— Kathleen Cannon


"I have raced and have won many races and was hoping for many more. Running off road and trails competitively is very hard on your body and on your feet in particular.

I was bearing more and more injuries and one day it will simply be not possible to race any more. Frustration for someone who loves being out, I felt like a caged lioness.

Foot Mechanics literally returned me back on track.

I think that now I will review my decision to hang my shoes on nail in the garage. Thank you Innes for such a brilliant and professional work! Definitely recommended for athletes who have similar troubles!"

— Oksana Isavnina


"Dear John,

Thank you  to you and your team for taking the time to speak to the practice nurses this month, the feedback was excellent.  The nurses really enjoyed the session and said that it was very relevant to general practice and that they gained a lot from it. Without the help of specialists like you we would not be able to provide such good CNE for our nurses."

— Jeanette Therfall - Education Administrator Procare Health

15 Apr 2009

Jessica Moulds received the "Defender of the Tournament" award recently at the ANZ Championship in Te Awamutu. Foot Mechanics with their strategic partner Asics provided the prize to recognise this award. Well done Jessica!

read more

— Jessica Moulds NZ U21 Netball


"I am now able to move about with greater freedom and have commenced regular walks again!" more

— Pat Hughes


"Foot ulcers progressing to amputation is serious indeed and your work in the field of prevention is a huge advancement" more

— Anne Tolley Member of Parliment for East Coast


"We have been impressed by the evidence basis used by Foot Mechanics in their referral and treatment protocols..." more

— Rotorua Area Primary Health Services


"Hi Carlo,

I would like to take the time to say how well I've been treated by Melissa and Gerrard. The service has been great and I feel Gerrard has gone that extra mile as well as being patient and professional.

Kind regards, Chris"

— Chris Hargreaves


"..very professional & helpful. Nothing is too much trouble." more

— Leonie Hobman


"I made the decision to consult a Podiatrist. Now I ask myself why did I not do so earlier" more

— Hazel Pettifar


"We would find it most difficult to walk if we were not having your expert attention to our feet." more

— Ina and Milton Smardon


"your wonderful personalised orthotics are keeping me active" more

— Sue Hatchwell


“I look forward to walking for pleasure instead of it being a painful form of daily exercise” more

— J Thomas


"I would recommend this company to anybody" more

— Beverly Burns


"Now I walk pain free and with renewed energy !!" more

— Frances F


“thank you so much for your help and getting me moving again” more

— Kirsten Tulloch


21 February 2012

"I gained immediate relief and now walk without pain or a limp." read more

— Vern Pope


"I had been having problems with my calf muscles and heels and I was unable to run, do weights or play rugby. Despite having lots of physio, rehab and rest, it was still no better. I went and saw Mark at Foot Mechanics where he did a biomechanical assessment, and fitted my shoes and boots with orthotics. Two weeks later I was training pain free! I was really impressed with how quick and professional Mark was at finding and solving the problem. A massive thanks to Mark and Foot Mechanics for getting me back out on the field."

— Jamie Nutbrown - Bay Steamers rugby player


"As a keen cyclist and a Tauranga Road Cycling Club Committee member, my focus on cycling puts a lot of strain on my body. These treatments and the advice I have received have assisted me in better looking after my body.

After three sessions, I can happily recommend Foot Mechanics Podiatry for any of the treatments they offer. Their staff are very competent and I will definitely be going back for any further treatments."

— Ryan Pratt


"I am delighted to report that I seem to have turned a corner with my difficult toe and am now having far fewer sleepless nights. Massaging it seems to be helping when it wakes me and I can now get back to sleep.

I am grateful for the excellent treatment Kim has given me and for her care and concern."

— Geoff Lantz


"Kim enabled me to be pain-free after only one consultation. Her careful attention to my foot issues and easy set of exercises made rehabilitation a breeze."

— Glenn Smith


Message for Mike Wu (lead podiatrist):

"Mike, my ankle has come right very quickly. Saturday and Sunday, the achilles was sore. Then on Monday there was zero pain anywhere and no swelling, and so far this week it's continued. I've put off calling the Orthopaedic Surgeon to make sure it's settled completely. Thanks very much for your efforts."

— John Walsh