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Dr Comfort Footwear Story

Dr Comfort was founded in 2002 by Rick Kanter, a footwear professional with more than two decades of experience. Kanter noticed that the footwear available for people with diabetes was often poor in quality and construction. The shoes lacked style too.

With the help of podiatrists, Kanter designed footwear that would fulfill the medical needs of people with diabetes and arthritis. They were also designed for people with any other reason for needing a custom fitted shoe.  Kanter aimed to exceed their fashion expectations. He and his team spent a year developing appropriate medical lasts and designing appealing styles. The result was a product well received by customers as well as healthcare professionals.

3-point Fitting System for Dr Comfort Footwear

Foot Mechanics Podiatrists use a 3-point fitting system in order to ensure their patients receive the best fit from their Dr Comfort shoes.

  1. Dr Comfort Measuring appointment: To provide you with the perfect fit, the podiatrist will consider your previous foot history and then use a specialty calibrated measuring device to measure the length, height and width of each foot. Every foot is different and it’s important to measure each foot individually.
  2. Trial Fit: The next step is to try on the display shoes to test the sizing and fit of the shoe. Your podiatrist will also assist you in choosing the most appropriate style of shoe for you according to your personal lifestyle and preferences. The Dr Comfort range contains a large variety of styles to suit your feet. Extra width & depth in the toe box and forefoot of these shoes help to alleviate pressure on problem areas such as bunions and hammer toes. Dr Comfort shoes also allow room for orthotics.
  3. Final Fit: Once the shoes arrive from Australia, we will book you in for a Dr Comfort fitting appointment. This is to ensure the style and size of the shoes are correct and fit your feet as they should.

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