NeuRemedy for nerve health

About NeuRemedy

NeuRemedy is available in New Zealand through the website www.numbfeet.co.nz

How NeuRemedy Works

NeuRemedy works by boosting Vitamins B1 and B12.  The B vitamins are essential for good nerve health.  The easiest way to find out if your symptoms of numbness, tingling and burning are due to vitamin deficiencies is to use NeuRemedy for 1 month and monitor improvement.  If you don't experience improvement then your symptom's are not related to low levels of B vitamins.

To find out more about how NeuRemedy works click here.

Find Out More About NeuRemedy

NeuRemedy has a lot of good information on their New Zealand site.  If you have numbness, burning or tingling in your feet it would be worth reading through their site.

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