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Callusan Mousse Cream

Callusan Mousse Creams are a next generation skin care product. Thanks to its special aerosol technology, it can dispense with the usual fatty cream base that always leaves a greasy feel to your skin. The airy, light cream mousse does not clog up your pores, leaving important skin functions intact and enabling your skin to "breathe".


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Is absorbed quickly and completely

No greasy feel after use

Does not clog up your pores

Very economical and good value

Clean and hygienic

Long shelf life

Dermatologically tested

Callusan particularly stands out because it is simple and easy to use.

The fine cream mousse is absorbed by your skin quickly, without leaving any residue. The irritating fatty film is a thing of the past. In addition to these benefits, Callusan is also very economical and excellent value because, due to the special format of dosage, only a small amount is sufficient for each application.

Callusan Research

Change in moisture and fat content of skin under the application of Callusan EXTRA cream mousse.

Zink K., Helebrant B., Hermanns N., Haak T.

Mergentheim Diabetes Centre, Research Institute of the Bad Mergentheim Diabetes Academy

The full scientific paper can be downloaded here.



In Germany, about 5-8 million people suffer from diabetes mellitus. Foot-related problems can occur as a direct consequence of this, and about 15% of this population is affected during their life. While treating diabetes mellitus, 20% of the hospital costs are attributable to foot problems. (1)

A predisposed factor for the occurrence of foot problems is skin changes promoted by neurological deficits. Thus, regulating functions such as for example, secretion of sweat are disturbed in case of patients suffering from diabetes. This leads to an over-heating of the foot, which can manifest itself as dry skin. (2, 3, 4)

The dry skin concept (Xerosis, Xerodermie) describes a skin condition characterised by reduced quantity and / or quality of moisture and lipids. Objectively, the appearance of dry skin is accompanied by roughness, scaling, loss of shine and elasticity. Subjectively, dry skin can cause tension and itching. These subjective symptoms can also manifest themselves in isolation.

Dry skin reacts more intensively than normal, non-dry skin to harmful external chemical and physical substances. Its resistance to mechanical influences too is reduced substantially. (5).  In the opinion of expert circles, dry skin occurs very frequently. In Germany alone, a few million people are affected. Epidemiological data is not available.  The precise atio-pathogenesis of dry skin often remains unexplained. For persons oriented towards atopy, a defect in the barrier function of the horn layer can cause increased trans-edpidermal water loss.

Diabetes mellitus patients often have an autonomous poly-neuropathy (PNP). This leads to palsy of the sudomotor, which stops sweat formation. However, the dry skin can also be conditioned by a sebostase (reduced sebaceous gland activity). There can also be a reduced water-binding capacity.  The dry skin is either genetically conditioned, or inherited. It appears as the symptom of a skin
disease, e.g., atopic dermatitis, an inner disease, e.g., a nerve disease or diabetes mellitus. The dry skin can also be caused by external influences, such as for example, too frequent and intensive showers or baths with or without soap or syndet soap. Profession-specific stress, e.g., in case of wet professions (hair dressing etc.) as well as in the construction or metal industry, can also cause the appearance of dry skin. This is also true of climatic factors as well as cold or too little humidity (6).

Diagnosis of dry skin can be undertaken with the help of the data of the affected persons and the visual and palpatoric examination. Apparative diagnostic methods are, among others, measurement of skin roughness, measurement of moisture content, determination of trans-epidermal water loss and fat content, scaling as well as measurement of shine.

At present, the standard therapy for dry skin is mainly the application of fat-rich balms, creams etc., which the patients must apply regularly (2x daily, morning and evening).


The full scientific paper can be downloaded here.

Callusan Cream Mousse offers the following benefits:

Is absorbed quickly and completely
No greasy feel after use
Does not clog up your pores
Very economical and good value
  Clean and hygienic
Ideal protection for the product
Long shelf life
Dermatologically tested

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