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Dr Comfort Footwear at Foot Mechanics Podiatry


Dr Comfort Footwear Story

Dr Comfort was founded in 2002 by Rick Kanter, a footwear professional with more than two decades of experience. Kanter noticed that the footwear available for people with diabetes was often poor in quality and construction. The shoes lacked style too.

With the help of podiatrists, Kanter designed footwear that would fulfill the medical needs of people with diabetes and arthritis. They were also designed for people with any other reason for needing a custom fitted shoe.  Kanter aimed to exceed their fashion expectations. He and his team spent a year developing appropriate medical lasts and designing appealing styles. The result was a product well received by customers as well as healthcare professionals.


Dr Comfort Footwear at Foot Mechanics Podiatry

Dr. Comfort now offers footwear through Foot Mechanics Podiatry in New Zealand. We carry a large array of styles for individuals with foot-related health issues, as well as people just looking for comfortable shoes. We believe that relieving your feet from the stresses of everyday life shouldn’t stress out the rest of you.

As the great Greek philosopher Socrates once said “when our feet hurt, we hurt all over”. He was right, your foot comfort comes first.


Dr Comfort was founded upon and continues to honour these fundamental values:

• Ensuring your total satisfaction with the quality, look and feel of Dr. Comfort footwear.

• Creating products that promote foot health for people with diabetes and other chronic conditions.

• Using top quality leather and other natural materials for comfort and quality you’ll appreciate every step of the way.

• Fitting shoes properly to alleviate — even prevent — foot complications and deformities.

• Improving our footwear from heel to toe every day, to ensure that they’re the best they can be.

• Bettering your daily life — because your feet deserve the best care you can give them.

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