Press Releases

sore-heels.pngPodiatrists 'Killer Heels' Survival Guide For Women Who Love Fashion

Rather than wagging a finger of caution at killer high heels like those modelled during the Air New Zealand Fashion Week, one Podiatrist shares how women can wear high heels without damaging their feet. more

kids-running.pngChildren Running Barefoot in Cross-Country Races A 'No-no' says Podiatrist

Feet absorb one and a half to two times our body weight during normal walking and up to four times our body weight when jogging, yet Kiwi school children still run barefoot in cross-country races, risking painful foot injuries. more

school-kids-walking.pngFeet First Week Is Time To Think About Health Of Childrens Feet

Over 130,000 children will be walking to school this week in support of the Feet First Walk to School Week from March 3 to 7. more

interlinked-arms.pngLeading Podiatry Franchises

As New Zealand faces critical shortages of health professionals needed to cope with the rapidly aging and still active population, one organisation is developing smart ways for attacking the problem. more

heel-pain2.pngSurvey Results Indicate Kiwis Like Their Feet But Experience Significant Foot Pain

New Zealand's largest Podiatry providers Foot Mechanics recently conducted their inaugural Foot Mechanics Annual Foot Health Survey 2008. The results indicate that kiwis stand on their feet for long periods, more

johnwins-award.pngLocal Podiatrist Wins Top Innovation Health Award

The top award at the Bay of Plenty District Health Boards 'Innovation and Reseach Awards 2008' was recently won by Tauranga Podiatrist John Miller of Foot Mechanics. more