Paediatrics with Angela Evans

This seminar is at Foot Mechanics Papakura Clinic on Saturday 21 September featuring Dr Angela Evans. This is a exclusive paediatric  session with one of the worlds best regarded podopaediatricians.

The session will start at 930am with a welcome and a cup of tea, Angela will start at 10am sharp. We will have a working lunch to make the best use of her time and she will finish at 2pm. We will aim to have you back to your weekends by 3pm on Saturday.

As always, we will cover the cost of the international speaker, venue, food and resources and all you have to do is cover your transport and time.

CSOs you are included so you know what the podiatrists are up to and learning about and of course you are welcome to attend if you have an interest.

Please confirm you are coming or not by emailing carlo@footmechanics.com so arrangements can be finalised for catering.

Screening Childrens Feet

To Learn more about Dr Evans read through her website.

To prepare for the seminar please make sure you are familiar with Dr Evans work.  There are published articles you can download from her site.