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The 3 Arches

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Posted by john under Health

I recently saw a piece of marketing material for some over-the-counter “orthotics”.  The product claimed to support all four arches of the foot!  This is quite incredible, has some-one has discovered another arch in the foot?

To clarify, the foot has three arches – at least from a scientific point of view.  These arches are the medial longitudinal arch, the lateral longitudinal arch and the anterior transverse arch.

The arches are made up from many smaller bones held together by ligaments.  This structure enables the arches to be flexible yet strong enough to support the rest of our body.

Standing for long period of time such as at work or social functions can cause the arches to become tired.  Shoes with insoles to support the three arches are often preferred for comfort and relieve as they provide some support to the arches.

The “orthotic” insoles in Ziera shoes provide support for all three arches. Good to know right?  This is why we receive so much feedback from our customers about the comfort of Ziera shoes especially when wearing them for long periods of standing.


What I learnt form Simon Bartold

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Posted by john under Health

Simon Bartold is a Sports Podiatrist.  Simon was the key note speaker at our Foot Mechanics Podiatry conference in March 2014.  We learnt so much that I will be breaking our learning down into several blogs, including gait retraining, strapping, footwear advice and evaluation of common foot problems such as shin pain and plantar heel pain.

If you’re a health professional its worth joining Bartold Biomechanics, learn more here.